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our goal is to add years to your life and health to your years

Our Practice

Modern medicine is fractured, inconvenient, and expensive.  It also seems more interested in treating disease only after it has become a major problem.

At Paradigm Health, we take a person-centered, holistic, and integrative approach.  This means we consider your values, hopes, and goals when we develop a healthcare plan with you.  We consider the capacity of your body to heal itself, how we nourish it, and add the power of traditional medicine to provide you with all options available.

We know that with the right attention and the right amount of time, we can prevent many diseases. Often, we can help you feel happier, sleep better, and be active as you age.

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Our Approach

Healthcare is increasingly impersonal, inconvenient, and unnecessarily complicated to navigate.  The current state of healthcare is reactive rather than proactive, meaning that an overwhelming amount of time and cost goes into treating preventable disease and performing avoidable surgery.

A disruptive healthcare model is needed that invests in your health as an asset. The best time to invest was yesterday and the second best time is right now!  This is what Paradigm Health offers through Health Asset Management™. Just as wealth advisors manage a person’s wealth, our team at Paradigm Health helps our members invest in their most valuable asset, their health. This involves taking all the necessary time together with patients to evaluate and thoughtfully consider their health history and conditions, and most importantly to understand their life goals. We then design and work with you to carry out a plan for optimal health with your goals foremost in mind. Our overall approach is consistent with the Medicine 3.0 approach – proactive, preventative, personalized, and evidence-backed medicine that Paradigm Health combines with Health Asset Management™.

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We offer a variety of health optimization plans ranging from a comprehensive, executive-level medical evaluation and workup to annual healthcare programs designed to treat and optimize healthspan for those with increasing complexity of disease.