We do not accept medical insurance other than Medicare at this time. We are investigating all opportunities to drive down the costs of medical care and increase the value of healthcare delivery. We hope to contract with insurance carriers in the future. We will provide itemized bills and copies of all office visits for these services which can be submitted to insurance plans for possible reimbursement.

Yes. While the membership is for 12 months, at any time you may move between Plans and we will adjust the monthly rate, or extend the term based upon what you have already paid.

If you pay for an annual plan through a one-time payment when you sign your patient contract then you will receive 5% off the annual price. Married couples can join with an additional 2.5% discount for each person. Members can add a la carte services that we offer (refer to Memberships page), at a significant discount (rates will vary depending on the costs of materials: e.g., the cost of supplies, medicines, etc.).

This depends on the annual plan that you select. Primary care services are not included in the Life Coach plan. For patients at the Life Team or Navigator Team level, the physicians at Paradigm Health can manage your primary care as well as your proactive health optimization. However, your relationship with other healthcare providers and specialists you now have or may need in the future is important. If you want to keep your PCP, we will work to coordinate with them to ensure you have optimal care and access.

Office visits will take as long as needed to meet the goals of the visit (e.g., 1,2,3 hours). If more time is needed, we can schedule follow-up appointments at your convenience. However, we know that many of our members will be very busy and desire a quick check-in, so some visits may be a 10–15-minute telehealth appointment to see how you are doing after we update your health management plan. In short, we customize the time we spend with you based on your needs and expectations. Our goal is to make the appointment times match your needs in a way that maximizes access to your healthcare team while also being convenient and efficient.

Yes, we can accomplish many visits by telehealth, especially for follow-up. Initial consultation, labs, and testing will be done in our office. Some follow-up labs can be done anywhere across the U.S.

Please call, email, or text us, and we will securely send your records to you or another medical provider, with your permission. You will also have access to your medical chart to view your medical records at any time.

This is a private clinic where we schedule and tailor visits to your exact needs. Our clinic is in a building with low traffic, a front entrance, and 2 side entrances. We are the sole medical provider in the building. We can arrange complete privacy according to your needs.

No, you can visit us from anywhere to accomplish visits and set up your health care treatments. If you are coming from out of town, we will schedule the appropriate time with you to accomplish all that needs to be taken care of for your evaluation and treatment.

Currently we are an adult-only practice but hope to be able to incorporate pediatric care in the future.

Typically, yes, but it can depend on your plan. Please check with your HSA administrator to confirm. After you have received your Life Plan exam or wellness services for one of our annual plans, the yearly fee may be reimbursed by flexible spending accounts (FSAs), medical savings accounts (MSAs), health reimbursement accounts (HRAs), and health savings accounts (HSAs). If requested, Paradigm Health will provide you with a statement of services to present to your administrator so that reimbursement can be obtained through a claim submission. Please note that any program or a la carte fees cannot be paid using an FSA debit or credit card.