Our practice leverages a Medicine 3.0 approach to focus on your healthspan – the combination of longevity and health optimization. We are the first interventional medicine practice in Middle Tennessee that approaches health as an asset, similar to wealth - something to be proactively managed, monitored, and maximized for best results. In this approach, we don’t wait for a health problem to arise and then address it. Rather, our physicians are constantly evaluating the latest in medical technology and therapeutics and integrating this into your ongoing personalized Health Asset Management plan. Simply put, our goal is to partner with you to add years to your life and health to your years. Contact us today at team@paradigmhealth.org to learn more.


We are multi-boarded specialty physicians with decades of experience leading large, innovative health optimization practices at top academic health centers in the United States. We are partnering to bring our experience, connections, time, and skills to individuals interested in protecting their most valuable asset, their health. We are driven by a passion to provide the highest quality of evidence-based, compassionate, personalized, and patient-centric care. Members at Paradigm Health are the captains of their healthcare journey, and their physicians will meet with them frequently to understand their goals, manage and correct any underlying medical problems, optimize health and wellness, and plan for their future. You will undergo an assessment utilizing comprehensive labwork and advanced diagnostics to fully assess your current health status and allow for early detection of underlying disease. From this, we will construct your personalized Health Asset ManagementTM Plan and provide the medical, nutrition, psychological, and physical fitness services necessary to implement your plan.


Membership is limited and will open on a rolling basis. There are currently 100 membership spots available with initial consultation visits beginning in February 2024. Please reach out for more details or to schedule a no-obligation, no cost introductory meeting with
Dr. Matt McEvoy and Dr. David Edwards.

Call us at 629-273-3754